Beginning this evening, violent attacks were renewed against IDF bases and Israeli settlements. These attacks included both live fire and bombs.

The IDF condemns these Palestinian attacks which are in violation of those agreements that have been reached. The IDF honors the Sharm El Sheik agreements and expects the Palestinian side to do so as well.

Judea and Samaria:

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded from stones thrown at an IDF patrol at the Beit Merkahat junction in the Hebron area. The soldier was treated on the spot.

During the evening and night hours, volleys of gunfire were directed at the Jewish settlement in Hebron. The gunfire came from the Hebron City Hall building in the area under Palestinian security control. There were no casualties.

The IDF condemns the Palestinians’ use of a public building as a position to shoot into the homes of innocent civilians.

Shots were fired in the direction of the Vered Jericho settlement; at a Border Police base near Tulkarem; and at the Bezek base camp in the Jenin area. IDF soldiers returned fire to the source of the gunshots.

Other shots were fired at the Nizani Oz settlement near the city of Tulkarem; at the Ofer camp; and at an army post on Har Ibal. As the origin of the gunshots was not identified, the IDF did not return fire.

Petrol bombs were hurled at a resident of Alon Moreh on route to his settlement; at an Israeli citizen at Giptalik in the Jordan Valley; and at an IDF patrol near the village of Kfar Al-Aruv in the Bethlehem area. There were no casualties. IDF soldiers returned fire.

Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded today from stones thrown during the course of rioting at the Ayosh Junction, and another soldier was lightly wounded in the afternoon from stones thrown during riots at Beit Anoon. The three soldiers were taken to hospital for medical care. These incidents of wounded soldiers are in addition to those reports of wounded in today’s earlier report.

Gaza Strip:

A bomb device, followed by gunfire was used against an IDF convoy on route to the Morag settlement. Another bomb device was used against a protected IDF carrier near Kfar Darom. There were no casualties.

Successive gunfire was aimed at a convoy of citizens on route to the Netzarim settlement. Gunfire continued after the citizens were rescued from the scene and brought to their settlement.

Additional gunfire was directed at three IDF outposts in Gush Katif, near Neve Dekalim.

Petrol bombs were hurled at an IDF outpost on the Israel-Egypt border near Rafiah.

In all cases, there were no casualties. IDF soldiers returned fire to the sources of the attacks.

During the last hour, shots were fired at an IDF outpost near the Israel-Egypt border. There were no casualties and IDF soldiers returned fire.