Following the increase in the number of terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip, among them the deadly shooting attack which killed an israeli civilian last Friday, and General Information IDF forces operated in several areas in the Gaza Strip in order to prevent the movement of terrorists and weaponry in the area. It must be stressed that people in need of medical assistance will not be prevented from passing through.

In addition, IDF forces operated in Dir Al -Balach, a town situated in the central Gaza Strip. During the operation, the forces arrested 2 Islamic Jihad operatives: Juad Adal Abu- Ma’asib and Ali Muhammed Al -Hamdi. The two Islamic Jihad operatives were involved in an attempted terror attack that was thwarted by the IDF. The houses of the two terrorists were demolished in a controlled manner. During the activity, the forces arrested two other Palestinians wanted for questioning. At the conclusion of the activity, IDF forces left the town.

The IDF will continue to operate against the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in order to ensure the safety and security of Israeli citizens and the IDF forces.