On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, IDF forces began operating in the Kasbah in Nablus. The IDF forces are conducting searches and arrests in the area in order to damage the terror infrastructure.

Until now, two explosive labs were uncovered as well as two weapon caches. The explosive labs contained many kilograms of explosives, dozens of explosive devices and dozens of bottles and containers of various chemicals.

A weapon-producing workshop containing lathes used in the production of explosives was discovered in one of the explosive labs. The labs were demolished in a controlled manner.

In addition, five terrorists, who threw Molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers, were killed and three other terrorists were injured. Dozens of Palestinians suspected of hostile terror activity were arrested and taken for questioning by Israeli security forces.

On Friday morning, 21 February 2003, IDF forces uncovered in the village of Tamun, north east of Nablus, a 25 kilogram explosive device meant to reach a suicide bomber. In addition, a Kalashnikov rifle and magazines were found at the scene.

Main Arrests: IDF forces arrested on Sunday the head of the Democratic Front in Samaria, Taysir Halad. During the operation, three armed terrorists were killed and two others were injured.

On Friday, an IDF paratrooper force arrested two senior Tanzim terrorists, Hatam Jiusi and Muhammad Brikat, in the Nur Al Shams refugee camp in Tul Karem.

Gaza Strip

Following the detonation of an explosive charge toward an IDF tank near Dugit in the northern Gaza Strip, on Saturday 15 February 2003, which killed all four crew members, IDF forces demolished on 16 February 2003, the house of Ahmed Randur, the head of the Hamas in the northern sector.

On Monday, 17 February, as part of the ongoing war against terror and its infrastructures, IDF and Border Police forces operated last night in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

During the operation the security forces arrested terrorists and many weapons were discovered, including the uncovering of a weapon-producing lab containing 250 kilograms of explosives, an explosive belt, a mortar, a fragmentation grenade, a rifle and a makeshift vest.

Also, a special IDF force operated in the northern Gaza Strip in order to arrest the terrorist Riyad Abu Hassin Abdallah Abu ZIyad, who planned on carrying out a terror attack inside Israel. Abu ZIyad was among the Hams military leaders in the Gaza Strip and served until July 2002 as the personal assistant of Saleh Shehade, the founder of the military wing of the Hamas. In 1990, Riyad was involved in the murder of the IDF reserve soldier Amnon Pomerantz.

On Tuesday, 18 February 2003, IDF forces demolished near Kfar Darom the house of Halil Abu Samra, who was involved in the planning of terror attacks. An indictment served against Halil in a military court reveals that Halil made use of a building in order to launch mortars toward Kfar Darom and to gather intelligence regarding IDF activities in the Gaza Strip.

On Wednesday, 19 February 2003, IDF infantry, armor and engineering forces, assisted by combat helicopters, operated in Shajeyeh in the northern sector of Gaza City. The IDF forces destroyed four weapon-producing workshops which contained 32 lathes used in the manufacturing of mortars and Kassam missiles.

On Friday morning, 21 February 2003, an IDF and Border Police force thwarted a terror attack in Erez industrial area in the northern Gaza Strip. A Palestinian terrorist broke through the surrounding gate, infiltrated the Erez industrial area and began throwing grenades toward the IDF forces who returned fire.

In addition, an Israel navy lookout near the Israeli community of Dugit noticed a suspicious figure carrying a bag crossing the surrounding fence of the Israeli communities in the northern Gaza Strip. The IDF force noticed the figure pulling out an object from the bag and opend fire toward the figure, striking it. Palestinian sources reported that the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the two attempted terror attacks.

The IDF will continue to operate against the terror infrastructures in the Gaza Strip in order to thwart the terrorists, their dispatchers and those who aid them.