GOC Central Command, Maj. Gen. Beni Gantz, and the Galil Formation Commander, Brig. Gen. Meir Klifi, presented the IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz, with the findings of the inquiry regarding the penetration of a terrorist cell into the area of Metsuba on 13/03/02. The IDF Chief of the General Staff adopted the findings of the inquiry that was conducted at the various command levels. He mentioned the complexity that exists in border defense in a reality where the Hizballah is present along the border fence on the Lebanese side of the border.

The IDF Chief of the General Staff mentioned the serious results of the terrorists’ infiltration – the death of 5 citizens and one IDF officer. It was stressed that the Northern Command will have to implement the findings of the inquiry, in the operational aspect, the intelligence aspect, the technological aspect and the normative behavioral aspect, in order to decrease the chances of a similar incident taking place. The IDF Chief of the General Staff expressed his appreciation for the actions of the brigade commander, the trackers, and the Shlomi Town Major. In addition, the IDF Chief of Staff ordered that the Formation Commander’s recommendation of having one of the force commanders involved in the incident be removed from any command position, be considered, since his operational behavior was found to have clear shortcomings. The Chief of Staff concluded that thanks to the actions of the Northern Command, serious terror attacks have been prevented so far. The sense of security must be restored to the residents of the northern border. This can be achieved mostly by foiling further attempted terrorist attacks, if they occur.