The West Bank:

An Israeli civilian was seriously wounded yesterday evening and an additional civilian was moderately to lightly injured from fire directed at their vehicle on the Jerusalem-Modi’in road near to the Maccabim roadblock.

The wounded were treated on the spot and were evacuated to hospital for continued medical treatment. IDF forces opened fire and searched the area.

During the pursuit by IDF forces after the attack at the Maccabim roadblock, there was massive fire directed towards IDF soldiers from the Palestinian Police post in Betuniya. At the scene, a heavy exchange of fire continued for a few hours between the Palestinians and IDF forces. During the exchange of fire, soldiers fired tank shells towards the sources of the shooting.

Also, a female Israeli civilian was very lightly injured by shrapnel after the shooting towards Givat Haharsina, near to Kiryat Arba. The civilian received medical care on the spot. IDF forces at the location returned fire towards the sources of shooting.

An explosive charge was thrown toward a military vehicle on a road near Kfar Sabastia south of Nablus.

Shooting incidents took place toward a Border Police base near Jenin, and toward the Okfim block (on the Halhul bypass road, north of Hebron), from the city Hebron.
In all incidents there were no casualties.
IDF forces returned fire toward the shooting sources.

IDF Spokesperson emphasizes that IDF will neutralize all targets that open fire toward citizens and IDF personnel.

The Gaza Strip:

Palestinians opened fire in the evening hours, toward the Netzarim settlement. Netzarim residents were asked to enter their shielded rooms. IDF soldiers returned fire toward shooting sources. The shooting toward the settlement took place near Palestinian posts, from the north, and included fire from light weapons as well as machineguns.

Furthermore, shots were fired toward IDF posts in Kfar Darom and an IDF post on the Israeli – Egyptian border near Rafiah. IDF soldiers returned fire toward the shooting sources. In all incidents there were no casualties.