West Bank:

An Israeli citizen was seriously injured from shots fired at his car as he was travelling on the Atarot-Givat Ze’ev road north of Jerusalem. The citizen received medical treatment on site and was subsequently transferred to hospital for further treatment.

Many shooting incidents occurred this evening in the West Bank at the following locations:
1. Towards an Israeli car near Kfar Ras Karkar north of Beit Horon.
2. The Israeli communities in Hebron and Psagot.
3. IDF positions in Tel Aras, south of Nablus, and Mount Eval, north of Nablus.
4. IDF bases south of Nablus, south of Jenin, and west of Tul Karem.
5. Antenna hill close to Ariel.

The IDF returned fire when it identified the source of the shooting. There were no casualties.

Gaza Strip:

Several shooting incidents occurred against IDF posts near the Dugit, Gadid, and Neve Dekalim settlements. IDF forces returned fire toward the sources of shooting. There were no casualties in any of the incidents.