The West Bank:

An Israeli civilian was severely injured from a shooting that occurred during an ambush of his car that was travelling between the village of Tzorif and the village of Jabiyah, near Gush Katif.

The civilian received medical treatment on the spot, and continued receiving medical treatment in hospital.

During the evening, there were shootings towards the community of Psagot, there were neither casualties nor damage.All in all, there were two shooting incidents registered in the West Bank.

The Gaza Strip:

During the night, there were shootings towards IDF positions near to the settlement of Gadid, in Gush Katif. IDF soldiers returned fire in cases in which they identified the sources of the shooting.

Also, there were shootings at the IDF post in Netzarim, IDF soldiers returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.In none of the events were there casualties or damage.
In the final count, there were four shooting events registered in the Gaza Strip.