The West Bank

Shots were fired at the settlement of Psagot from the directions of El Bireh and at the Jewish community in Hebron from the direction of Harat A-Sheikh. The IDF forces did not return fire, as they could not identify the source of the shooting.

There were exchanges of fire in Tulkarm between Palestinians and Israeli border policemen. There were also exchanges of fire between IDF and Palestinians at the settlements of Kadim and Ganim.

There were also repeated incidents of firing on IDF troops near Kalkilya, and at an IDF force near Tel Aras. The IDF returned fire; there were no injuries or damage in all these incidents.

The Gaza Strip

An explosive charge was activated near IDF soldiers at an outpost south of Gush Katif. Another device was thrown at an IDF outpost, near Neveh Dekalim.

Shots were fired at an IDF outpost on the Egyptian border, at outposts near Neveh Dekalim, and at and IDF force near Kissufim. IDF soldiers return fire. In all the incidents there were no injuries or damage.