The West Bank:

Fire was opened during the night in the direction of the IDF base near Ramallah, Psagot, the Nahal military settlement of Elisha and towards the antenna ridge next to Ariel. The IDF returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.

In all of the events last night there were neither casualties nor damage.

Also, an Israeli vehicle was shot at, traveling on the Tapuah – Shilo road. Due to the shooting, the vehicle overturned. No one was hurt as a result of the shooting, but there was damage to the vehicle.

The IDF is investigating the incident.

During the night, after the announcement that the area of Rachel’s Tomb, was a closed military area, Jewish settlers tried to return to the tomb and were evacuated by security forces.

The Gaza Strip:

During the night, shooting incidents continued in various locations: in the direction of Kfar Darom, the IDF outpost in Gush Katif, as well as IDF positions and convoys along the Israeli – Egyptian border. There was massive shooting in the evening in the directions of the IDF outpost in the area of Neveh Dekalim.

Two fragmentation grenades were thrown in the direction of an IDF force that was doing engineering work on the Israeli – Egyptian border, and fire was opened in the direction of the soldiers.

An additional grenade was thrown towards an IDF tower in the area of Gush Katif. The grenade exploded, there were no casualties.

At every incident that the IDF was under fire there were no casualties for our forces.