West Bank:

Shots were fired last night toward an Israeli bus at the Halhul junction, north of Hebron.
Shots were fired from within Area ‘A’ toward an IDF force patrolling in the region. There were no casualties but damage was done to a military vehicle.

The area of the Parsa junction, west of the village of Bittunia near Ramallah, became closed military area as a result of a gathering of a group of Jewish settlers in the area and was lifted shortly after the settlers left the area independently.

Severe Palestinian disturbances including massive stone throwing and violent rioting took place yesterday afternoon in the village of Salem, south of Alon Moreh.
The disturbances in the village of Salem began with the placement of a curfew on the village as a result of the firing incident on the Alon Moreh route yesterday morning.
The primary investigation revealed that IDF soldiers responded with anti riot measures and live fire.

The Gaza Strip:

Shots were fired during the night toward several targets including the industrial area in Neve Dekalim, an IDF post near the Dugit settlement, an IDF post by the Gadid settlement and an IDF post near Neve Dekalim.

Furthermore, two improvised explosive charges were thrown toward an IDF post near the Neve Dekalim settlement and a grenade was thrown at the southern DCO.
In all incidents there were no casualties and IDF forces returned fire toward the sources of the fire.