Shots were fired overnight in the direction of THE SECURITY FORCES and Israeli citizens at a number of positions, among them the Samaria Brigade Headquarters:in Psagot, Bet El, in the direction of an IDF vehicle at the Mitbachaim Junction south of Shechem (Nablus), at the IDF position at Ofra, as well as toward a civilian bus adjacent to that post, Tel A-Ras, western Tul-Karem, and at an Israeli civilian vehicle in the area of Maaleh Shomron. Damage was caused to the tires of this latter vehicle, as was also the case with one of the IDF vehicles at which fire was directed.

The IDF returned fire on the sources of the shooting in instances where it was possible to identify them. There were no injuries in any of these incidents.


An IDF soldier was lightly injured by shrapnel fragments when a hand grenade was apparently thrown at an IDF post in Kfar Darom during the evening hours. The soldier received medical treatment on the spot. IDF troops returned fire, and there was an exchange of gunfire. Later, shots and a hand grenade were directed to IDF forces in the area of the nurseries of Kfar Darom. There were no injuries. The IDF troops returned fire toward the source of the attack.

During the night, additional gunfire was directed from the Palestinian side at IDF positions in a number of locales: IDF positions in the area of Neve Dekelim as well as the industrial section of the community; at another IDF post and armored vehicle at the Gush Katif intersection; at a position on the Israel-Egypt border adjacent to Rafiah; and at an IDF position next to the Erez Checkpoint. There were no injuries in these incidents. IDF troops returned fire at the sources of the attacks.

Also during the night, the IDF leveled a structure known as “Bet Hadekelim” at the Gush Katif intersection from which the gunfire had come that killed a young Israeli yesterday.