During Yom Kippur the disturbances and shooting incidents towards Israeli citizens and Israeli Security Forces continued throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as it has during the previous days.

Five IDF soldiers were wounded in the Gaza Strip, two were wounded very lightly from fire towards their vehicle at the Gush Katif Junction, two were wounded lightly by the shock of an explosive charge which was detonated as they were patrolling near the Morag village and one soldier was lightly wounded by the aftershock of a grenade which was thrown towards his outpost in Gush Katif.
The two soldiers wounded by live fire were evacuated to a hospital for treatment, the others were treated on the spot.

A Border Police officer and an IDF soldier were lightly wounded by Palestinian fire towards them. The Police Border office was wounded near the Ayosh Junction, the IDF soldier was wounded during disturbances near Nablus.

An explosive device was discovered by IDF soldiers this morning and exploded without any casualties in the Gaza Strip, near the border with Israel near Kisufim.
A Molotov cocktail was thrown towards the DCO office in the Southern part of the Gaza Strip and stones were thrown towards the DCO office in the Northern part of the Gaza Strip.
Molotov cocktails were thrown towards the IDF position at the Netzarim Junction and there were exchanges of fire between the IDF and the Palestinians.
The Central Command noted many shots of live fire towards Security Forces and civilians.

In the industrial zone of Tulkarm and near the Tulkarm barrier shots were fired towards Border Police soldiers, towards the Sla’it settlement south of Tulkarm, towards the IDF post near Tel-A-Ras south of Nablus, towards the Psagot settlement, towards the IDF post in Ofra north of Ramallah and also towards the HQ of the IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria.

In Hebron shots were fired towards the Jewish Settlement there and the IDF Post in Hebron. Shots were also fired from the village of Yatah which is in area A, under Palestinian Control towards the IDF post in the settlement of Sussiya which is south of Hebron.

In every one of these cases, the IDF replied with accurate fire towards the sources of the gunfire.

A great number of Molotov cocktails were thrown towards Rachel’s Tomb which is in Bethlehem.

The IDF is gravely concerned by the continuance of the disturbances and the gunfire which are initiated by the Palestinians. To our regret the Palestinian Authority does not seem to try to prevent these violent acts.
The IDF will act towards securing the safety of it’s as it seems fit.