In complete violation of the agreements, Palestinian elements continue to carry out attacks against Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers, using the illegally armed Tanzim groups.

Three IDF soldiers were lightly wounded in the course of the exchanges of fire between the security forces and Palestinians in Shedma junction, near the village of Beit Sahor in the area of Beit Lehem. The soldiers received medical care at the site, two were taken to receive continued medical treatment at a hospital.

Palestinian rioters fired at an IDF position in Netzarim junction from the direction of the “Twin” Tower and the adjacent factory. Attack helicopters returned fire. There were no casualties to our forces in that location.

Since the afternoon hours, exchanges of fire between the security forces and the rioters continue at a number of sites – In the area of the village of Sabah El Hir north of Jenin; at Meshulash Hagdud junction, west of Tul Karem; in the area of Joseph’s Tomb; at the 400 junction west of Jenin; and near Kfar Kalil, south of Nablus.

In additions, Palestinian rioters are throwing firebombs and stones at IDF forces at a number of sites, among which are: Ayosh junction, Rachael’s Tomb, the town of Tul Karem, and the Peirot block near Kalkilia.

There were no casualties to IDF forces from the shooting attacks and the disturbances and no damage was caused. The IDF Spokesperson wishes to emphasize that all violent incidents are a blatant violation of the agreements, and that in spite of all understandings and agreements, no directive was given on the Palestinian side to put a stop to the violence.