West Bank:

Shots were exchanged in the afternoon near the village of Kfar Al-Hader in the area of Bethlehem. Shots were fired at a civilian bus in the area, at a military vehicle and at a IDF force in the area.
Shots were fired during the day at the following locations:
· An IDF base in Shdema
· An IDF force west of Tul Karm
· At a civilian bus near the village of Ofra
· At the village of Kadim, west of Jenin
· At an IDF base south of Jenin
· At a military vehicle on the road leading to Alon Moreh
There were no casualties and no damage was done in any of the above incidents. The IDF returned fire once the sources of the shots were identified.

Gaza Strip:

Three suspicious figures were identified outside of the area of the greenhouses in the village Morag in the south of the Gaza Strip by an IDF force engaged in operational activity. The force opened fire to thwart an attempt to infiltrate into the village. A search in the morning did not find any signs of infiltration in the area.

Shots were fired at an IDF force on the Karni-Netzarim axis this evening, and at an IDF force near the village of Netzarim. In addition, shots were fired and two grenades were thrown at an IDF post on the Israel-Egypt border. IDF forces returned fire to the sources of the shots. There were no casualties.