The day saw the continuation of violent attacks on civilians and IDF forces in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza District. The attacks included gunfire and the throwing of firebombs and rocks at IDF forces and at the roads. These incidents forced the IDF to respond in a precise manner, in order not to harm the innocent and to put a halt to the violence.
In Judea and Samaria this afternoon shots were fired from a passing car at an IDF roadblock south of Ramallah, and from the village of Hizmah north of Jerusalem at an IDF force and at the roads. An IDF soldier was lightly wounded by rocks thrown at an IDF force in the city of Hebron. The soldier was treated on the spot and evacuated for medical treatment at a hospital. Firebombs and rocks were thrown today at the security forces in several locations, including Hebron, the Haris Junction north of Ariel, near the Tunnel roadblock and at Ayosh Junction. The IDF responded with riot dispersal equipment. Disturbances also occurred at the Schools Junction near the Israeli village of Beitar; IDF forces responded with gunfire and riot dispersal equipment.
In the past hour in the Gaza Strip shots were fired at an IDF emplacement near the settlement of Ganei Tal in the southern part of the Strip. Rocks and firebombs were thrown at an IDF base in the area of Neve Dekalim. Rocks were thrown at the IDF Gaza Strip HQ in Gush Katif.