Judea & Samaria:

An Israeli female civilian was killed this evening while travelling near the Ofra settlement, north of Ramallah, by gunfire from a passing car.

Corporal Elad Wallenstein, aged 18 from Ashkelon, and Corporal Amit Zanna, aged 19 from Netanya, were killed this evening by gunfire from a car passing the military bus carrying them close to the Ofra settlement. The families of the two soldiers have been informed. In the attack six other soldiers were injured, two moderately and four lightly. The soldiers have been evacuated and given medical attention.

Two Israel civilians were slightly hurt from stones thrown at the car in which they were travelling close to Ojieh, north of Jericho.
An Israeli car was fired on close to Alfe Menashe. Nobody was hurt. The car was lightly damaged.
An Israeli car was fired on near to the entrance to the Shilo settlement. No one was hurt. No damage was caused.

A Palestinian car attempted to run over soldiers close to the settlement of Rahalayim in Samaria. After soldiers succeeded to escape, fire was directed towards them from the car. Soldiers returned fire towards the car carrying the attackers. There were no casualties, and no damage was caused.

In the evening gunfire was launched towards the Jerusalem suburb of Gilo from Bet Jalla. The IDF returned in the direction of the attackers.
Gunfire was directed at the entrance of the settlement of Beracha;
the gunfire was not returned to.

Gunfire was directed at the DCO in Jericho; gunfire was directed towards Vered Jericho; gunfire was directed towards the bypass road near Jericho; gunfire was directed at an army warehouse at Gan Hayot; gunfire was directed towards Kever Rachel in Bethlehem; at Tel Aras; the Shedama Camp; the fruit market close to Kalkilya; and towards the Jewish settlement in Hebron from Kaharat I-Sheikh. Soldiers returned fire in the direction of the attackers.
There were a number of disturbances in Judea and Samaria: stones and molotov cocktails were thrown at the Ayosh junction; and the Border Police section at Tul Karem. The IDF broke up the demonstrations.

Stones were thrown at Israeli cars and IDF forces at the following places: the Shemaa Tzaffon and El Power near Hebron; the Otzrin junction near Jenin; Bet Omer near Bethlehem; and the El Ojie road. In each incident there no casualties or damage.

The Gaza Strip

An Israeli civilian was killed this evening by gunfire directed towards a truck in which he was travelling, close to the Kissufim junction in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.
An Israeli civilian suffered light head injuries from stones thrown towards him in the Neve Dekalim area.
Gunfire was directed at an IDF post close to Neve Dekalim; and towards IDF forces by the fenceline north of Kissufim. Soldiers returned the gunfire towards the direction of the attackers in a number of the cases.
Stones were thrown at the following: an IDF position on the Israeli-Egyptian border; towards the Neve Dekalim industrial area; towards a military vehicle close to Kfar Darom by the fence line north of Kissufim; and towards a convoy leaving the Netzarim settlement.