Four Israeli civilians were killed, one was seriously wounded and seven lightly to moderately wounded in a shooting terror attack this morning in the community of Adora, north west of Hebron.

Three terrorists, wearing IDF uniforms and combat vests arrived this morning, close to 9:15 at the fence surrounding Adora, and penetrated into the community. The fence is not an electronic fence.

The terrorists fired toward residents of the community and entered several houses. In one of the houses a woman was killed and her husband and sun were wounded. In another house the terrorists shot and killed a girl and wounded three members of her family.

When the terrorists left the houses, they opened fire in the streets from which another civilian was killed.

The standby team of the community, which acted exceptionally swift, arrived on the scene and identified the terrorists. The terrorists dressed as soldiers, fired toward them. As a result, one of the standby team was killed and another was wounded. The members of the standby team returned fire and in all probability hit one of the terrorists.

After the clash with the standby team the terrorists escaped to the nearby wadi and a chase ensued. The terrorists were in the community fof some 15 minutes.

IDF forces began wide scale searching after the terrorists in the area of the community. A reservist force located one of the terrorists, fired toward him and killed him. The terrorist was found with an m-16 rifle beside him, dressed in military uniform and sport shoes. In further searches Kalashnikow rifle magazine was found close to the breach in the community fence and for cutting the Fence. IDF forces are continuing to search for additional terrorists.