Two Israeli civilians were killed this morning, another civilian was lightly wounded from shots directed at the vehicle in which they were travelling on the road leading to Kiryat Arba.
The wounded civilian was evacuated to hospital for medical treatment.
The shooting was carried out from a vehicle, which passed the car in which the civilians were driving and sped away.

An IDF soldier was killed and an Israeli woman was lightly wounded in the afternoon yesterday, from shooting at a bus travelling on the Jericho bypass road, between Alenbi bridge and Beit Arava Junction.
The family of the dead soldier has been notified.
The wounded woman was treated on site and evacuated for further treatment at a hospital.
The shooting was carried out from an ambush laid on the side of the road in an area under Palestinian Authority control.
IDF forces carried out searches in the area.

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded yesterday afternoon from stones thrown at him in the course of the disturbances at Silat Al-Dahar, north of the community of Homash. IDF soldiers responded with measures for crowd dispersal.
Fire was opened yesterday evening and during the night at the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem from the direction of Beit Jala. IDF forces returned fire once the sources of the shooting have been identified.

IDF soldiers identified four armed Palestinians yesterday, north of Jenin in an area under Israeli security control (Area “C”). IDF tanks fired at them from a distance of some 700 meters.

It should be noted that the same location has been used many times in the past to fire at IDF positions in the area.

Shooting attacks were also carried out in a number of sites:
Today during the evening, shots were fired at the Offer IDF base north of Jerusalem.
IDF soldier returned fire at the sources of the shooting. Shots were fired at an IDF force travelling west of the community of Einav, south west of Tul-Karem, at an IDF force on the Jenin bypass road north of Jenin. There were two incidents of shooting at the Shallah street in Hebron, shots were also fired at IDF forces at Ayosh junction.
On Saturday night, shots were fired at Givaat Hadagan near Efrat from the direction of Al-Hadar.
IDF forces did not identify the source of the shooting and did not return fire.

Violent Disturbances (stone and firebomb throwing) took place at a number of sites:

The Shallalh street in Hebron, the Ayosh junction, the area of Rachael’s Tomb in Bethlehem, in the area of the Kalandia refugee camp, south of Ramallah, Silat Al-Dahar, north of Homash, near the Jericho DCO office, Meshulash Hagdud Junction in the area of Tul-Karem, Yakir Junction, east of Kalkillia, and in the Ariel area between Kikar Adam and Hizma, north of Jerusalem.
IDF forces responded with measures for crowd dispersal.

The Gaza Strip

An anti-tank mine was detonated yesterday near an IDF outpost, west of the gain mill in the Gush Katif region.
IDF forces responded with fire at the source of the detonation.
There were no casualties and no damage was incurred.

Shooting attacks were carried out at a number of sites:

2 anti-tank missiles and massive shooting was carried out on Saturday night at an IDF position in Kfar Darom. IDF forces returned fire toward the sources of the shooting. Shots were also fired at an IDF position near the Sufa roadblock, an IDF force on the Karni-Netzarim road, a number of IDF outposts, near Neve Dekalim, and toward an IDF outpost on the Israeli-Egyptian border, near Rafah.

IDF forces returned fire whenever the sources of the shooting were identified.

In all of the incidents there were no casualties but an outpost near Neve Dekalim was damaged.

The IDF see with great severity the continuing attacks by the Palestinians against Israeli civilians and security forces. The IDF condemns the PA’s passivity in preventing violent and terrorist activity, which does not help the efforts to calm the situation.