Palestinian declarations of peace are not realized in practice, they must act to stop the hostilities and calm the area. During the weekend the large scale disturbances and incidents of shooting continued.

A charred human corpse was given over to the IDF by the Palestinian DCO office in Ramallah. The IDF transferred the corpse to the Israel Police for identification and action. The security forces are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded tonight from stone throwing at Ayosh junction, he was treated on site. Another soldier was lightly wounded from stones thrown at him on the Jenin bypass road. In addition, a Border Policeman was lightly wounded from stones thrown at him from the Hadar village near Beit Lehem. Two of the wounded were taken to a hospital for continued medical treatment.

An explosive charge was thrown at a Border Police force in Al-Hadar near Beit Lehem. The charge exploded but no one was injured.

Palestinian policemen opened fire at an IDF force on the Jenin bypass road. The soldiers returned fire.

Additional incidents of shooting were reported at the following sites:
Ayosh junction; toward an IDF base in Shedma near Beit Lehem; toward the DCO in Beit Lehem; on the Jenin bypass road toward IDF soldiers; at Meshulash Hagdud junction near Tul Karem; toward the Border Police base in Tul Karem; in the area of the Jewish settlement in Hebron and toward the Jewish settlement of Kadim.

Disturbances in the course of which Palestinians threw bombs and firebombs occurred at a number of sites:
Al-Hadar near Beit Lehem; at Meshulash Hagdud junction near Tul Karem, on the Jenin bypass road; at the Kalandia refugee camp near Ramalah and on the Shallalah street in Hebron.

Fire was opened last night (27 October) at the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem from the direction of the nearby village of Beit Jala.
IAF attack helicopters responded with machinegun fire and the launching of two missiles at the sources of the shooting.
Later a second burst was fired at Gilo, the IDF responded by firing three shells from a tank at the sources of the fire.

In addition, shots were fired at DCO in Jericho and toward the Jewish settlement of Vered Yericho. IDF forces responded with tank fire ward the sources of the shooting in a building adjacent to the Jericho casino.

The Gaza Strip

Three Israeli “Eged” buses were set on fire in the afternoon by Palestinian rioters at the bus parking lot at the Erez cross-point. Beginning this morning, firebombs and stones were thrown in the industrial area near the cross point.

In the area of Kfar Darom there were disturbances and rioting. Palestinians threw firebombs and stones at an IDF position in the area. The IDF responded with accurate fire toward the rioters.

Disturbances in the course of which Palestinians threw stones and firebombs occurred at the following sites:

Toward an IDF position in the Israeli-Egyptian border near Rafah; toward the industrial area at Neve Dkalim and at IDF patrol on the road bordering Gush Katif, the IDF responded with measures for demonstration dispersal.

Stones were thrown by Palestinian rioters on the Karni-Netzarim road, Palestinian policemen dispersed the rioters.

The IDF will continue to do its best to protect the lives of the residents of the West Bank and Gaza strip and the security forces, in spite of continual demonstrations of violence by the PA.