The West Bank:
Several shooting incidents took place throughout the West Bank during the weekend towards: a military vehicle on the Dolev – Beit El road, a military vehicle near the Atarot industrial area, IDF positions in Mount Eival, the IDF “Ofer” base and an IDF position in Bitunia.There were no casualties. IDF forces returned fire towards the sources of the shooting when they were identified.A bomb was detonated near a military vehicle south of the IDF base in Sanur. There were no casualties. Damage was caused to the car.

In addition IDF soldiers discovered and unarmed a bomb north of the Hizma blockade, north of Jerusalem.Violent riots involving stone throwing and petrol bombs took place in several locations, including the Ayosh junction near Ramalla, the Shalalot in Hebron and near the village of Kalil in Sumaria.There were no IDF casualties in these incidents.

The Gaza Strip:

A mortar bomb fell yesterday morning near the Gadid settlement’s greenhouses in Gush Katif. This afternoon another mortar bomb fell in Israeli territory, near the border fence on the north side of the Gaza Strip.In addition shots were fired last night towards an IDF position near the settlement of Neve Dkalim, and a petrol bomb and grenade were thrown towards an IDF force on the Israel – Egypt border near Rafah. IDF soldiers did not return fire towards the sources of the shooting.During the night a bomb was detonated and shots were fired towards an IDF force travelling on the Israel – Egypt border on a routine patrol. IDF soldiers returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.Several hours later IDF soldiers prevented a terrorist attack when they identified a suspicious character placing an object on the road near Rafah, on the Israeli – Egypt border. The soldiers fired towards the object, thereby causing it to detonate and preventing injury to the soldiers travelling on the road.Other shooting incidents took place when shots were fired towards IDF positions near Rafah, an IDF force south of the settlement of Etzmona and the southern DCO. Two grenades were thrown towards an IDF position near Rafah.

Palestinians fired three mortar bombs towards the settlement of Gadid in Gush Katif on Saturday. There were no IDF casualties.During the weekend there were a total of five mortar bombs, two bombs, three grenades and four shooting incidents in the Gaza Strip.