The West Bank:

Many shooting incidents were registered on Friday, at various spots throughout the West Bank.

Recurring shooting incidents were registered towards the Jewish community in Hebron, towards the IDF position in Givat Haharsinah, in Kiryat Arba, towards the community of Pesagot north of Jerusalem and towards an IDF force at the Ayosh Junction near Ramallah. In addition, shootings were registered towards IDF position in Tel Aras and Mt. Eival, close to Nablus, towards a military vehicle near the village of Kalil, which is in Samaria, and towards an IDF post on Antennae Hill, near Ariel. Also, towards a military vehicle on the Jenin bypass road, towards the “Bezeq” camp near Jenin, towards the Nahal base Elishya in the Jordan Valley, towards the Border Police base in Tul Karem, and towards the IDF post near the “Tapuah” Junction.

IDF forces returned fire towards the sources of the shootings.

Disturbances of the Peace (the throwing of rocks and fire bombs) were registered in numerous focal points on Friday:

In the Shalalas in Hebron, at the Ayosh Junction near Ramallah, the “Perot” checkpoint near Kalkiliya, in the village of Kalil, which is in Samaria, and at the Al-Hadar Junction, near Gush Etzion. IDF forces responded with crowd-dispersal measures. There were no casualties in any of the events.

On Saturday, there was shooting towards the IDF base of Shedma, east of Bethlehem. Opening of fire towards the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo from El Aydah towards and IDF force in Edorayim, in south Mt. Hebron, towards and IDF post at the “Tapuach” Junction which is in Samaria and shootings toward the IDF post at Rachel’s Tomb. IDF soldiers returned fire towards the sources of the shooting. In all of the events there were neither casualties nor damage.

During the weekend 39 shooting incidents in the West Bank were reported.

The Gaza Strip:

Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded from inhalation of smoke, when a fire bomb thrown by Palestinians exploded near an IDF position on the border of Israel and Egypt, near Rafiah. The soldiers were evacuated to a near IDF post for medical treatment.

IDF soldiers identified an armed Palestinian near an IDF position near Neveh Dekalim. The soldiers fired towards the Palestinian, who presumably was injured in his leg.

Many shooting incidents were reported at a number of points in the Gaza Strip on Friday:

Continuous shooting occurred towards IDF posts in Gush Katif. Additional shots were fired at IDF forces next to an IDF post, near the Gadid settlement.

Violent crowding (throwing of fire bombs and stones) were reported near an IDF position at the ‘Erez’ roadblock and on the Karni – Netzarim route. An additional crowding occurred near an IDF position on the border of Israel and Egypt near Rafiah, that included throwing of gas grenades, detonators, fire bombs and stones towards the position and burning of tires.

In all the incidents IDF soldiers returned fire towards the firing sources.

Many shooting incidents were registered on Saturday, at various spots throughout the Gaza Strip.

Towards the Southern DCO, IDF positions and an IDF force along the Israeli-Egyptian border and IDF positions near the communities of Gadid and Neveh Dekalim.

An explosive charge that was placed yesterday by Palestinians was neutralized during disturbances near an IDF post in the in the Erez Industrial Zone. There were neither casualties nor damage. Three anti-tank grenades were fired towards the IDF position near to the community of Neveh Dekalim.

A violent gathering that included the throwing of fire bombs and throwing of rocks was noted on Saturday the near the IDF position at the Erez checkpoint and along the Karni-Netzarim route. An additional gathering also took place near the IDF position along the Israeli-Egyptian border, near Rafiah, that included 45 fire bombs and the throwing 5-6 gas grenades towards the position, the throwing of rocks and the burning of tires.

In total, the number of incidents registered over the weekend is:

One explosive charge, three anti-tank grenade and 12 shooting incidents.