Three SLA soldiers were wounded today by terrorist fire (22 May) in the security zone in southern Lebanon.
An SLA soldier was seriously wounded this morning (22 May) from a missile suddenly fired on the village of Mis Al-Jabal in the central sector of the security zone. Another SLA soldier was moderately wounded by an explosive devise that was used by terrorists against a force of SLA soldiers that was in operational activity in the western sector of the security zone.
A third SLA soldier was wounded lightly in the afternoon (22 May) by a mortar bomb fired at an SLA outpost in the north of the eastern sector of the security zone.
The soldiers who were injured seriously and moderately were evacuated for treatment in hospital within Israel, and the soldier who was injured lightly was evacuated for treatment in hospital within the security zone.
A number of Katyusha missiles and mortar bombs were launched in the morning and afternoon hours (22 May) into Israeli territory near IDF outposts in all of the sectors of the Israel-Lebanon border.
During the day (May 22) missiles, artillery shells and mortar bombs were fired at IDF outposts in the eastern sector and at SLA outposts in the eastern and western sectors of the security zone in south Lebanon.
IDF and SLA artillery responded fire at the sources of the attacks.
IAF fighter jets and helicopters attacked terrorist targets in south Lebanon eight times today (22 May).