The West Bank:

An Israeli civilian from the settlement of Ofra was murdered this evening by terrorists who opened fire towards the vehicle he was travelling in at Adam Square, north of the A-Ram junction.

A female soldier was lightly wounded this afternoon by stones thrown towards the bus she was travelling in near the Adam Bridge.

A bomb was detonated near an IDF force travelling from the settlement of Homesh to Shavei Shomron, south of Jenin. There were no casualties but damage was caused to the jeep. The force returned fire.

Gunshots were fired towards a civilian bus travelling on the Ramalla bypass road. There were no casualties.

The Gaza Strip:

Several armed Palestinians attempted to fire towards IDF soldiers near Neve Dkalim this morning. One of the Palestinians aimed his weapon towards the soldiers who opened fire towards him and identified a hit.

A bomb was detonated near an IDF force near the border fence south of the Kissufim crossing.

Shots were fired towards several IDF positions including: the south DCO, IDF positions in the area of Neve Dkalim, an IDF position near the settlement of Gadid and another position at the north of Gush Katif.

The fire in the area of Neve Dkalim continued throughout the evening.

There were no casualties and no damage was caused in these events. When the sources of the fire were identified, IDF soldiers returned fire.

To summarize the events in the Gaza Strip, there were 16 shooting incidents and one bomb.