A Border policemen was killed, an IDF soldier was mildly wounded and 12 soldiers were lightly wounded in severe disturbances in the west bank.
Of the 13 wounded soldiers, the mildly wounded and six of the lightly injured were taken to receive medical treatment at a hospital. The remaining six soldiers were treated at the site and did not need continued medical care.
During the day, the IDF scrambled attack helicopters in order to assist in dispersing the disturbances in the city of Nablus, after the Palestinians did not honor their commitment to stop the disturbances and the firing towards IDF forces.
During the day, Palestinians fired dozens of times at IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians. IDF forces returned accurate fire in those instances when the source of fire was positively identified. In addition, hundreds of firebombs were thrown by the rioters, dozens of tires were burned and hundreds of incidents of stone throwing were recorded.
The IDF sees the Palestinian Authority as fully responsible for the spread of the disturbances into areas controlled by the IDF.
The Palestinian Authority has full capability to prevent the disturbances in its territory and therefore prevent the injury of Israeli citizens, security forces, and the Palestinians.