One Israeli civilian was slightly injured this morning (17 May) from stones thrown at the vehicle in which she was traveling during outbreaks that occurred on the Naballah route near Ramallah.
There was light gunfire this afternoon from within the village of Kalil, located in Area A, toward border police who were traveling near the village. No injuries or damage occured.
One hour later, additional gunshots were fired from within the village toward an IDF force who passed near by. IDF soldiers opened fire toward the source of the fire. No injuries or damage were caused in this incident.
Riorers in the village of Dahat Al Barid (located south of Ramallah) and in the area located south west of the city of Tulkarem, threw stones and empty bottles at IDF forces. IDF soldiers responded with measures to quell the protests, and calm was restored.
In addition, a molotov cocktail was thrown at an IDF force in Hebron. There were no injuries or damage.
Due to the severe incidents that took place throughout the week and today that prove the inability of the PA, which is incapable of controlling the rioters and gunfire, the IDF has increased its deployment regarding the security of its soldiers and civilians travelling these routes. The IDF will continue to respond with a strong hand against all disturbances and in every area that the PA is unable to maintain order.