Five IDF soldiers and an Israeli civilian were lightly wounded when the bus they were travelling in accidentally entered an A territory. The soldiers did not return fire. The IDF is investigating the event.
Stones thrown at the Ayosh junction lightly wounded an IDF soldier.
Stone throwing north of Tul Karem lightly wounded two IDF soldiers. The casualties were evacuated to hospital for medical treatment.
Another soldier was lightly wounded by stones thrown towards him at Beit Omer. The soldier received medical treatment on the scene.

During today many disturbances, riots and shooting events took place throughout the west Bank and the Gaza Strip:
About a 1000 Palestinians gathered at the Ayosh junction, threw stones and Molotov cocktails towards IDF soldiers and burnt tires. Our forces responded with crowd-dispersing means. Following this there were occasional shooting events. IDF soldiers fired towards a Palestinian who threw a Molotov cocktail and hit his knee.
Palestinians opened massive fire from the village of Beit Sahor towards Shdema. IDF soldiers returned fire towards the gunmen. The Palestinians also fired towards combat helicopters in the air. The helicopters responded by shooting machine guns and one missile.

There was a burst of gunfire towards the Jewish neighborhood of Giloh in Jerusalem. The IDF responded immediately with machine guns and sniper fire towards the sources of the shooting and in addition to that a tank shell was fired for deterrence. The IDF is searching after the gunmen.
The IDF warns the residents of Beit Sahor and Beit Jala to avoid the reoccurrence of such incidents of gunfire towards Israeli civilians and security forces. If these incidents continue, the IDF will use heavy measures against the gunmen. The IDF advises the residents of these villages to clear the area in order to avoid injuries.
The “Tunnel” route was closed for traffic.

Palestinians threw stones from Salfit towards the Antenna Hill near Ariel, and even tried to climb it. The IDF responded with one accurate shot to an adult stone thrower. He was shot in the knee. Other then that, our forces responded with crowd-dispersing means.
A massive fire exchange took place between IDF soldiers and Palestinians near the village of Kalil.
Shots were fired towards Har Homa from the east. The IDF fired machine guns in response. Palestinians gathered in the evening, blocked a route and threw stones. Our forces responded with crowd-dispersing means.
Rioters threw stones in Beit Omer and El Aroub. Our forces responded with crowd-dispersing means.
Riots took place as well as stone and Molotov cocktail throwing towards security forces in Hebron, Rachel’s Tomb, the Fruit roadblock (Kalkilia) and in a junction north of Jenin. Our forces responded with crowd-dispersing means.

In contradiction to agreements and understandings, there has been escalation in the severity and frequency of the events.
The IDF will use any means at its disposal to prevent acts of violence and attempts to harm Israeli civilians and security forces.