During the weekend, the disturbances and Palestinian shooting continued. The violence was directed against IDF forces and civilian targets throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The West Bank

Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded in the afternoon from stones thrown at them at the Jenin bypass road. The soldiers were evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment.

There were several incidents in which live fire was opened at IDF soldiers:

In the morning hours, shots were fired toward the Shedma IDF base. Later on, fire was opened from the town of Tul Karem toward Meshulash Hagdud junction, south of the Border Police position in the city, and also from the Arches Mosque in the village of Harat Al-Sheikh toward the “Shoter” roadblock, in Heron. In both these incidents IDF forces responded with fire toward the sources of the shooting.

Shots have also been fired from a funeral procession in Nablus toward an IDF position in Tel Ares. IDF soldiers did not return fire.

In a very serious shooting incident, IDF forces at Ayosh junction and a guard post in the military court building of Beit El, came under continual fire from a number of sources.

Rocks and petrol bombs were thrown at a number of locations:

In the city of Hebron – the Shallala street and the Jewish settlement, in the area of Meshulash Hagdud junction (south of the town of Tul Karem), at the Peirot block (at the entrance of the town of Kalkillia), and also from the village of Nahlin, toward the Jewish settlement of Beitar Illit (south west of Beit Lehem).

The Gaza Strip

Pterol bombs and stones were thrown by Palestinians at an IDF position on the Israeli-Egyptian border throughout the entire weekend and on Friday night live fire was opened at the positions. IDF forces responded with demonstration dispersal measures and with accurate fire toward the sources of the shooting. An IDF officer was lightly wounded this morning when one of the petrol bombs thrown at the position caught fire. The officer received medical treatment on site and did not require to be evacuated to a hospital.

On Friday night (20 October), Palestinians fired live ammunition toward five IDF positions in the southern Gaza Strip: two IDF positions on the Israeli-Egyptian border near Rafah and three in the area of the Katif region. IDF forces responded with accurate fire toward the sources of the shooting.
In two cases, IDF soldiers identified suspicious figures near the Jewish settlement of Netzarim and fired warning shots in the air. In another incident, Palestinians hurled stones at an IDF position near the Jewish settlement of Kfar Darom out of an adjacent Palestinian school building.

During the morning and afternoon hours Saturday (21 October), there were mass disturbances by Palestinians throughout the Gaza Strip. Some 800 Palestinians gathered between Khan Yunes and the Katif region and threw petrol bombs and stones at IDF forces in the area, who responded with measures for demonstration dispersal. In addition, Palestinian sharp shooters fired toward IDF forces in the area of Khan Junes. IDF soldiers responded with accurate fire.

In the northern section of the Gaza Strip, dozens of Palestinians gathered near the Erez cross point and some two hundred Palestinians gathered near the DCO office. The rioters threw stones and petrol bombs.