Palestinian sayings about peace are not seen out in the field. The Palestinians must stop the violence and bring calm to the region.
Today two disturbances and shooting incidents in the West Bank and Gaza Strip continued on a large scale.

The West Bank

A border policeman was slightly wounded from an explosive charge thrown at hi, at Al Hader junction close to Bethlehem.
Two border policemen were slightly wounded by atones on the Jenin bypass road and an IDF soldier was slightly wounded from stones thrown at him from the Al Arub refuge camp, south of Betlehem. All the wounded were treated on the scene and did not need to be evacuated.
Two roadside bombs were thrown and exploded this afternoon, one in Shalals in Hebron and the other at Al Hader junction.
This evening, another charge was thrown at a border policve force south of Betlehem. There were no casualties.
Shooting incidents were noted at the following locations:
The Psagot settlement close to Ramallah, the Halhul bridge near Hebron, the Ayosh junction near Ramallah, the Shdema camp near Betlehem, and toward the Jericho DCO. The IDF forces returned fire to the sources of fire, there were no casualties.

This evening shots were fired toward an IDF forces at Rachel’s Tomb. The IDF returned fire.

Crowding and disturbances which included throwing petrol bombes and stones were noted at the following locations:
The Shalalas and the Jewish settlement in Hebron at Rachel’s Tomb and Al Arub refuge camp, south of Betlehem, at the Ayosh junction, at the Kalandiya refuge camp close to Ramallah, at the Zoo roadblock close to Ramallah, at the Kef al Hanes village near Ariel, the Jenin bypass road close to the Jalame ROADBLOCK, THE Beka al Sharkiya ROADBLOCK CLOSE to Tul Karem and the Jericho DCO.

The Gaza Strip

Shots were fired toward the industrial zone at the Erez crossing and at an IDF patrol close to Neveh Dekalim this afternoon. At the Erez crossing the Idf returned fire toward the fire sources. In the evening hours shots were fired toward an IDF position near the settlement of Gadid in Gush Katif.

Disturbances, petrol bombs and stones throwing were noted in the following locations:

Petrol bombs and stones were thrown this morning toward an IDF position on the Israeli-Egyptian border, close to Rafih. The IDF returned warning fire toward a near wall. After that the disturbances continued close to the position.
Petrol bombs were thrown this afternoon at an IDF position in the area of the industrial zone in Neveh Dekalim, and a fire broke out. The IDF responded with crowd dispersal measures.
Crowding and stones throwing toward an IDF position close to Kfar Darom from the direction of a Palestinian school in the area. Atones were thrown at an IDF convoy on its way from Karni to Netzarim and at Idf positions close to Neveh Dekalim. The IDF responded with crowd dispersal measures.

In the recent hours crowding and stone throwing are continuing toward at an IDF position at Kfar Darom, the Erez crossing and Neveh Dekalim.

In all the incidents there were no casualties to our forces.

The IDF will continue to do all it can in order to protect the lives of the civilian and security forces operating in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and will act to enable the maintenance of the routine daily life under security constraints.