The day saw the continuation of the violent disturbances in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip

An IDF officer and two IDF soldiers were lightly injured in the events in the Gaza Strip. The IDF officer was lightly wounded early this morning, as a result of the detonation of an improvised explosive charge at an IDF force in operational activity along the Israeli-Egyptian border. The officer received medical treatment on site.

Prior to the detonation of the charge at the force, Palestinians opened fire at the IDF soldiers, who responded with fire toward the sources of the shooting.

Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded when Palestinian rioters threw grenades and opened fire at another IDF force, also in operational activity along the Israeli-Egyptian border. The wounded soldiers received medical treatment on site, one was evacuated for continued treatment at a hospital.

Throughout the day, Palestinian threw stones and firebombs toward an IDF position near Rafah on the Israeli-Egyptian border. A number of firebombs landed inside the position but did not ignite. There were no casualties.

During the morning, Palestinian rioters threw stones toward an IDF position at Netzarim junction.

During the afternoon there were violent disturbances along the borders of the Katif region, carried out by dozens of Palestinians, some of them children. Stones were thrown at IDF forces and a firebomb was thrown at the Neve Dkalim industrial area. IDF soldiers responded with measures for dispersing demonstrations. A Palestinian opened fire at a civilian vehicle near the Jewish settlement of Netzer Sireni in the northern Gaza Strip. The citizen was not hurt and the shooter escaped.

Also this afternoon, Palestinians opened fire at an IDF force along the Karni-Netzarim road. IDF soldiers responded with fire at the source of the shooting and heavy exchanges of fire broke out in the area. There were no casualties to IDF forces.
During the day the road between Karni and Netzarim was closed due to the exchanges of fire and stone throwing.
In the evening a single civilian convoy traveled on the road, escorted by IDF forces, making its way to Netzarim. Palestinians opened fire at the convoy as it went by, IDF soldiers returned fire, there were no casualties. The Karni-Netzarim road is presently closed for traffic.

The West Bank

Shots were fired today at an IDF force in the Dagan hill at the Jewish settlement of Efrat, toward an IDF base at Shedma, toward an IDF convoy near Mount Eibal, and toward an IDF position in Tel-Ares near Nablus. The IDF responded with fire at the sources of the shooting.

Shots were fired at an IDF position on the eastern side of the Jewish settlement of Yitzhar. The source of the shooting was not identified and therefore the soldiers did not return fire.
Stones and firebombs were thrown during the day toward security forces at a number of sites, among which were the Jewish settlement in Hebron, El-Arub north of Hebron, El-Hader, the 250 junction on the Jenin bypass road, and toward Meshulash Hagdud junction near Tul Karem.

In the last hour, Palestinian rioters opened fire at the Offer IDF base near Ramallah, IDF soldiers returned fire at the shooters. Fire was also opened at a private bus near Alfei Menashe.

No casualties were reported in any of the above incidents and no damage was caused.

The Israel police is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Amos Mahluf Halimi, a resident of Gilo declared missing since Saturday, whose body was found today marked with knife and bullet wounds. The murder is in all likelihood on nationalistic grounds.

The IDF views severely this incident in which an Israeli citizen was tied down and murdered in cold blood, and will respond with great force against the perpetrators of the brutal acts of violence.