The West Bank

An Israeli civilian and an IDF soldier were lightly wounded this afternoon at the Sheep Junction, close to the village of Bet Hagai near Hebron. The two were evacuated for treatment to the brigade headquarters close to the scene of the event.

A border policeman was lightly wounded from stones thrown at him, close to Ma’ale Michmash. Another soldier was lightly wounded by a stone in disturbances near the village of Baka al Sharkiya, close to Tul Karem. Both of the wounded were evacuated for medical treatment in hospital.

An Israeli civilian was lightly wounded from shots fired toward the vehicle he was traveling in on the road to Psagot in the last few minutes. The civilian is being treated in the local infirmary.

Palestinian gunfire was opened this evening from the direction of Arab Tekoa toward and IDF force in the region. Our forces are returning fire toward the sources of fire.

Two shooting incidents occurred this evening toward a civilian vehicle and a military Jeep. The shooting came from passing vehicles on the road between Talmon and Nachlieli, north of Ramallah. There were no casualties and no damage was caused. IDF forces are operating in the area.

Violent disturbances occurred today in the following locations: The Ayosh Junction, north of Ramallah, the area of Al Fawar, close to Hebron, the Kalandiya refugee camp, north of Jerusalem. In all of these incidents our forces responded with crowd dispersal measures. We have no casualties.

In the past hour fire was opened toward the village of Psagot from the direction of Al Bireh. IDF forces are returning fire toward the sources of the shooting.

The Gaza Strip

During initiated activity by the IDF in the region of Morag, the IDF killed a senior activist in the Fatah-Tanzim, Gamal A-Kader Hasan A-Razak during an attempt to stop him, as he was traveling in his vehicle on the road between Rafiah and Khan Yunis and he attempted to break through an IDF roadblock. In this incident, three other terrorists were killed.

The IDF Spokesperson emphasizes that IDF forces will continue to act in a determined and directed manner against terrorist targets, and will strike at anyone endangering the lives of Israeli civilians.

An improvised hand grenade exploded this morning, close to the greenhouses of the village of Netzer Hazani. In the past hour there are exchanges of fire at an IDF position on the Israeli-Egyptian border, close to Rafiah.

During the day there were disturbances at various focal points (stone throwing, petrol bombs and tire burning): the area of Morag village, on the Karni-Netzarim route, on the border fence north of Kisufim, and on the border fence close to El-Bureij and toward an IDF position on the Israeli-Egyptian border close to Rafiah. IDF forces responded with crowd dispersal measures.

Contrary to publications in the media, there were no IAF strikes, neither in the West Bank nor the Gaza Strip.