The West Bank

Fire was opened this evening at the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem. IDF tanks responded with accurate machine gun fire at the sources of the fire. When the firing at the neighborhood continued, the IDF called upon the residents of Beit Jallah (located in an area under Palestinian security control), from which the shots were being fired, to evacuate their homes. A Border policeman was seriously wounded and two citizens were wounded lightly in the exchanges of fire. The three were evacuated for medical treatment in the hospital. The family of the wounded soldier has been notified.
Fire was opened this afternoon towards the Shadma IDF base, near the Jewish settlement of Beit Sahur (south east of Bethlehem). IDF forces returned fire at the source of the shooting. In addition, shots were fired this evening towards Mt Eibal near Nablus. There were no wounded or damage in this incident.
Stones and petrol bombs were thrown towards Rachel’s Tomb and tires were burned nearby. In addition, stones and petrol bombs were thrown at the Ayosh junction. A Border Police soldier was very lightly wounded and was treated on the spot. There were also stones thrown at the Pharmacy junction in Hebron. In all of these incidents the IDF forces used crowd dispersal measures against the rioters.

Gaza Region

Petrol bombs and stones were thrown during the morning towards an IDF post near the Erez cross point. IDF forces responded with crowd dispersal measures against the perpetrators only. In one case only, an IDF sharp shooter fired a single shot towards the legs of a Palestinian throwing petrol bombs, which endangered the lives of the IDF soldiers. The Palestinian was wounded in his leg.
Stones and petrol bombs were also thrown this morning towards the IDF outpost at Netzarim junction.
During the morning there were two incidents of shooting by Palestinians: One on the Israeli-Egyptian border toward an IDF truck, the IDF soldiers returned fire towards the source. In the second incident, fire was opened from a Palestinian taxi towards a truck in the Katif region. In addition, a grenade was thrown this morning at the Katif police station. The grenade did not explode.
In the afternoon, stones were thrown toward an IDF patrol near the Divisional Headquarters of the IDF. The IDF soldiers responded with crowd dispersal measures.
Early this evening (17 October), bombs were thrown towards the DCO in the northern Gaza strip, from the Palestinian towards the Israeli side of the camp. An IDF soldier was slightly wounded and was treated on site. Another IDF soldier opened live fire towards the legs of one of the fire bomb throwers.
In addition, petrol bombs were thrown towards IDF patrols adjacent to Neve Dekalim and in the Katif Region. In all of these incidents no casualties were reported.
The IDF requests that the Jewish settlers continue to show restraint. The IDF is prepared for any development, is acting with restraint and is refraining from initiating any offensive actions in order to prevent an unnecessary escalation.