Today the incidents of violent disturbances by the Palestinians continued in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
The serious disturbances are initiated directly by Palestinian elements and are aimed at Israeli civilians and the security forces. Every incident in which IDF soldiers used demonstration dispersal measures or live ammunition were a precise reaction toward sources of fire and toward violent elements threatening to cause harm to human lives.

The Gaza Strip

At Netzarim junction in the Gaza Strip there were serious disturbances by Palestinians beginning this morning. During the disturbances, the Palestinians threw stones and firebombs at an IDF position at the junction and also attempted to climb the fence surrounding the position. IDF soldiers at the scene, exerted restraint and only when they were in a life threatening situation did they respond with demonstration dispersal measures and accurate fire.
In the early afternoon hours (2 0ctober) the Palestinians opened heavy fire from various locations toward an IDF position at Netzarim junction. IDF soldiers responded with accurate fire toward the sources of fire. In addition, there was use of attack helicopters in order to stop the shooting and disperse the rioters. Later in the afternoon the situation calmed down in the area. In the evening fire was once again opened towards the position at Netzarim junction. The IDF responded with accurate fire toward the source.
Close to the settlement of Neveh Dekalim hundreds of policemen and Palestinians residents crowed in the area between Khan Yunis and Gush Katif. The crowd burnt tires and threw firebombs and stones at an IDF patrol and an IDF position at the site. In addition, there was an attempt to break into the industrial zone of the settlement. An IDF soldier was lightly wounded from a stone that hit his head at an IDF position close to the settlement. The soldier was treated on site.
At the DCO close to Rafiah there was live fire by Palestinians and firebombs were thrown toward the DCO and at an IDF position east of Rafiah on the Israeli Egyptian border. Our forces had no casualties.

The West Bank

An Israeli civilian was shot to death this morning by a Palestinian gunman in the village of Mesha, close to the trans-Samaria road.
At various points in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley Palestinian policemen and residents opened fire at our security forces. The shooting focal points were:
Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus, the settlement of Psagot near Ramallah, the Shal’llah street in Hebron, the Ayosh juction, shots towards an IDF force close to Ariel, shots toward a Border Policeman who was lightly wounded as a result, shooting toward the Jenin bypass road in which an IDF soldier was lightly wounded, shooting at an IDF force in Jericho in which two soldiers were lightly to moderately wounded, and shooting towards an IDF force at Bet Sahur junction in which an IDF officer was lightly wounded. The soldiers were taken to hospital for treatment.
In addition, several shots were fired at a pupils bus in the area of Shilo. At several sites the exchanges of fire are continuing.
An additional soldier, was wounded by stones thrown at an IDF force in the Jewish quarter in Hebron. He was evacuated for medical treatment at hospital.
Hundreds of fire bombs, stones and acid bottles were thrown during the day at the security forces, Israeli vehicles and civilians, throughout the West Bank.