Two civilians were lightly injured today by rocks thrown at their vehicle which was traveling on the Hoson bypass road, in the area of Bethlehem. The two were evacuated and received medical care in hospital.

Shootings continued during the morning and evening towards IDF forces in the Jewish area of Hebron. The IDF returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.

In addition there was shooting towards IDF forces in Givat Hadagan, in the area of Bethlehem. The IDF returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.

There was further shooting toward a military vehicle on the southern Nablus bypass road, towards the IDF base Nahal Elisha and Beit El. The sources of the shootings were not identified; therefore there was no return of fire.

Rocks and firebombs were thrown in the direction of civilians as well as Israeli security forces in a number of sites including Hebron, the Zif Junciont south of Hebron, the “Fruit” roadblock and the “Zoo” roadblock next to Kalkiya, Ba’al Hatzor next to Zir Alon, Homash in the area of Jenin, the 250 Junction on the Jenin bypass road, west of the city Tul Karem, the Jericho DCO and the A-Ram Junction north of Jerusalem where the window of a military vehicle was hit by a firebomb that was thrown in its direction.

The IDF employed dispersal methods and directed live fire against the perpetrators. There were no casualties or damage caused as a result of those events.

The Gaza Strip:

An Israeli civilian was seriously wounded by gunfire directed towards his vehicle that was in a convoy at the Gush Katif junction from a Palestinian position. IDF soldiers at the scene returned fire towards the sources of the shooting. The civilian was evacuated to an IDF position at the junction and was taken from there by helicopter to hospital.

A Palestinian policeman opened fire this morning towards an IDF position near Gush Katif, towards the south DCO and towards an IDF patrol at the scene. IDF soldiers returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.
Additional Palestinian fire towards IDF forces occurred in several locations: towards an IDF patrol on the Israel Egypt border near Rafah, towards IDF positions near Gush Katif, towarsd an IDF position at Kfar Darom and towards the south DCO. There were no casualties. IDF forces returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.
In addition several riots took place, during which tires were burnt and stones and molotov cocktails were thrown towards IDF forces in several locations: near the Netzarim junction, on the border fence north of Kissufim and near an IDF position at the industrial area of Neveh Dkalim. There are no casualties. The IDF employed dispersal methods.