During today violent riots continued throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The riots included gunfire, burning tires and throwing Molotov cocktails and stones. The IDF continues to respond with restraint in the face of those who endanger human lives.

The West Bank:

During the tour of the UN Human Rights Commissioner in an area under Israeli control in Hebron, shots were fired towards the convoy by a Palestinian sniper. The fire damaged a TIPH observer vehicle. The convoy was evacuated by the IDF to Tel Romayda, where the passengers were treated and secured until their exit from the area.

More shooting incidents took place in several locations: towards the Gilo neighborhood from the direction of the village of Beit Jala, the “Minharot” road, the Ayosh junction, the Shalalot neighborhood in Hebron, the area of the village of El Hader near Bethlehem, an IDF base in Shdema and towards an Israeli vehicle near Otzrin.
The IDF responded with light arms, machineguns and tank shells towards the sources of the fire.
An Israeli ambulance was damaged by stones in the village of Hizma (north of Jerusalem).
Stones and Molotov cocktails were thrown towards Israeli civilians and security forces in several locations: Hebron, the Fruit roadblock near Kalkilia, the village of Bnei Na’im north of Hebron and the A-Ram junction north of Jerusalem.
The IDF responded with crowd dispersing means.

The Gaza Strip:

An explosive charge detonated near an unsecured Israeli bus traveling from the Karni crossing to the Oz River crossing. The bus was empty, there were no casualties but damage was caused to the bus.
Shots were fired towards: IDF forces in a convoy traveling towards an IDF position on the Israel Egypt border, an IDF position near the settlement of Gadid, IDF vehicles near Kfar Darom and an IDF position in the area of Gush Katif.
There were no Israeli casualties. In some of these events the IDF returned fire.
Violent riots that included throwing stones and Molotov cocktails took place in the area of the Erez crossing, the industrial zone of Neveh Dkalim and the border fence north of the Kissufim roadblock.