During today violent events against Israeli civilians and security forces continued throughout the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The Gaza Strip

An IDF officer was lightly wounded in his face this afternoon by a petrol bomb thrown at him. The incident was part of violent disturbances by dozens of Palestinians near an IDF position at Kfar Darom. The officer was treated on the spot and did not need to be evacuated to hospital.
An Israeli civilian was lightly wounded when shots were fired at his car near the Gush Katif junction. The civilian was evacuated for medical treatment in Neveh Dekalim.
As of this morning there were gatherings and throwing of stones and petrol bombs at the Erez crossing, the north DCO, Kfar Darom, and an IDF position on the Israeli-Egyptian border. IDF forces responded with crowd-dispersing means.
In the past few hours shots were fired in two locations: towards an IDF convoy near Kfar Darom and shots from a passing vehicle towards an IDF position in the Gush Katif junction, as well as shooting towards an Israeli vehicle in which the civilian was wounded.
Petrol bombs were thrown about an hour ago towards an IDF position near Neveh Dekaim. The IDF responded with crowd-dispersing means. There were no casualties.

An explosive charge was detonated a few minutes ago near an Israeli bus in Gush Katif. There were no casualties searches are being conducted.
Also, soldiers in an IDF position on the Israeli Egyptian border heard an explosion near their position. There were no casualties among our forces. A Palestinian ambulance arrived at the scene.

The West Bank

Shots were fired towards an IDF force at a roadblock near the village of Khalil south of Nablus. The force returned fire towards the sources of the shooting. Also, shots were fired towards IDF forces near the Jelima roadblock north of Jenin, and in mount Eibal. The sources of fire were not identified and therefore our forces did not return fire.
Shots were also fired towards a Border Guard force near Tul Karem. The sources of fire were not identified and our forces did not return fire.
Stones and petrol bombs were thrown towards security forces in several locations including Hebron, the Fruit roadblock near Kalkiliya, the Antena Hill near Ariel and the Ayosh junction. The IDF responded with crowd-dispersing means and no damage was caused.

As part of the Sharm El Sheikh agreement and the understandings achieved by both sides, the international passages have been opened for Palestinians, the Dahania airport was reopened and the military presence around the cities of the West Bank was removed. The IDF fulfilled its responsibilities under the agreements, though the crucial test will be results on the ground.

The IDF hopes that these steps will be the beginning of the process that will stop the violence and the return to the negotiation table.