During the night hostilities continued as Palestinian residents and Palestinian policemen acted violently against the security forces Israeli citizens in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
In light of the events, it is evident that in the last 24 hours the Palestinians are not honoring the terms of the agreement and the attacks continue.

In the northern Gaza Strip an explosive charge was detonated at an IDF force near the Jewish settlement of Dugit. There were no casualties from this attack. An IDF force responded by firing towards where the attackers were believed to have operated.
IDF positions near the Jewish settlement of Neve Dekalim were shot at from a number of sources. The settlement’s industrial area was also attacked.
An IDF force responded with fire.

The condition of the IDF soldier wounded last night as a result of fire towards an Idf force near the Jewish settlement of Morag has worsened, and is now defined as moderate.

In the West Bank fire was opened at an Isreali bus in the Ayosh junction; against the Judea and Samaria Divisional HQ; against Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus; against the Jerusalem-Gush Etzyon Underpass; and at the Jewish settlement of Pesagot near Ramallah. In Hebron, an explosive charge was thrown at an IDF base in the Shohadah Street and fire was opened at the Jewish settlement in the city. IDF forces responded with fire against the throwers of the charge and the shooters.

It should be noted that the IDF is showing restraint in face of the rioters. The IDF respects the terms of the recent Israeli-Palestinian agreements. The Palestinians, it is added, were first to open fire against IDF forces – who have the responsibility to respond whenever lives are endangered.