Judea and Samaria:

Two IDF soldiers were badly wounded and one was lightly wounded yesterday afternoon in an attack near the Mehola junction in the Jordan Valley, when a suicide terrorist set off a charge in a nearby restaurant. The soldiers were evacuated and received medical treatment at area hospitals.

There was a knifing attempt yesterday afternoon in the community of Beit Hagai south of Hebron. A Palestinian terrorist drew a knife and threatened a resident, who responded by firing at the attacker. The terrorist was badly wounded, and later died from his wounds.

Gunfire was directed at IDF forces positioned at the Ayosh junction and at Rachel’s Tomb. In Hebron gunfire was directed at the Jewish community, IDF positions and the tombs of Ruth and Yishai in the city. IDF soldiers returned fire at the source of the gunfire.

There was rioting, including the throwing of rocks, at the Aram junction north of Jerusalem, the Ayosh junction near Ramallah, the Husan bypass road west of Bethlehem, and at the Beit Anun junction north of Hebron. IDF forces responded with riot dispersal equipment.

Gaza District:

Palestinians fired yesterday afternoon at IDF positions in the community of Netzarim, wounding a Palestinian who worked in the community’s hothouses. IDF forces returned fire at the source of the gunfire. An IDF medical team gave the wounded Palestinian initial treatment and called in a helicopter for evacuation. However, the Palestinian died despite the medical team’s best efforts.

Gunfire was directed yesterday evening at a home in the community of Nisanit in the northern Gaza Strip. There were no injuries, but a window in the house was penetrated.

During the evening of 22.12.00 and this evening as well, gunfire was directed at the following IDF posts: positions near the community of Neveh Dekalim, an IDF position near the community of Gadid, two IDF positions on the Israel-Egypt border, and a position near the Erez checkpoint. A hand grenade was thrown at an IDF post near Neveh Dekalim and at the southern DCO.

Today fire was directed at an IDF patrol north of the Nahal Oz checkpoint and at an IDF position near the community of Gadid. IDF forces returned fire whenever the source of the fire could be identified.

Rocks were thrown at an IDF post on the Israel-Egypt border.