This past week five Israelis were killed in multiple terrorist attacks in the West Bank, Gaza Strip.

Gaza Strip:

– During the last week four Israelis were killed in a terrorist attack, a Qassam rocket was fired, six explosive devices were detonated, eight mortar bombs were launched, two anti-tank missiles were fired and eight grenades were thrown. In the Gaza Strip alone there were 20 different instances of shooting towards at Israeli forces and communities in the area.

Tuesday 13.01.04

– During operations of Border Police in the region of the Faran River on the Israel-Egypt border, 292 bags of tobacco weighing 7.5 tons were confiscated. It was the biggest seizure since the Border Police began operating in the area last year.

– During the afternoon, fire was exchanged between IDF forces and armed terrorists on the Israel-Egypt border, close to Rafiah. During the exchange, an armed terrorist was identified throwing a grenade towards the soldiers. The IDF soldiers opened fire and killed him.

– Late in the evening IDF forces assisted residents of the Palestinian neighborhood of South Salakah in the area of Kissufim. Due to the difficult weather the neighborhood was flooded and the IDF provided a truck to assist the civilian population to move to the region of Khan-Yunis.

Wednesday 14.01.04

– As a result of a terrorist attack carried out by a female suicide bomber at the terminal of the Erez Industrial Zone, one Israeli civilian who worked as a security guard, two IDF soldiers (Staff Sgt. Tzur Aor, 20 years old from Rishon LeZion, and Cpl. Andrei Kaglass, 19 years old from Naharia) and a Border Policeman were killed. Furthermore, five Israeli civilians who worked in the security field, three IDF soldiers and a Palestinian woman were injured.

– The female suicide bomber entered the inspection area and went through the metal detector, which set off the alarm. The female terrorist answered that she suffered from a medical problem, and the metal plates in her body caused the alarm to go off. Out of consideration for her health condition and sensitivity to her gender, the soldiers let her pass into the special inspections area, where she could be checked by a female soldier. As she entered the inspection area, she detonated the bomb she was carrying. The checkpoint suffered extensive damage. Following a decision by the Israeli political echelon, a general closure was imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley

During the past week, one Israeli civilian was killed in a shooting attack and Israeli security forces arrested more than 100 wanted Palestinians. Furthermore, fire was directed at IDF forces more than 10 times and five explosive devices were detonated, of which one was directed at IDF forces and four at Israeli civilians.

Thursday 8.1.04

– An undercover IDF operation was carried out to arrest a wanted key Tanzim operative from Jenin, Asad Halilia, who was involved in a shooting attack on the Jaba Shanur Route. After Halilia attempted to escape, IDF troops acted in accordance with the Rules of Conduct and warned him against making any further movements. Given that he ignored these clear warnings, forces shot him.

Saturday 10.1.04

– During an IDF inspection at the Oranit Checkpoint on the Trans-Samaria Highway, a Palestinian was caught attempting to smuggle a weapon. The suspect was taken for questioning by security forces.

Sunday 11.1.04

– At Jinspot, close to Kedumim, a suicide bomber detonated himself next to an IDF force patrolling a temporary checkpoint located at the entrance to the village. According to security sources, the suicide bomber blew himself up after spotting the checkpoint. Besides the suicide bomber, there were no other casualties.

Monday 12.1.04

– During an IDF operation in the refugee camp of Tul Karem, forces arrested Haytem Halad Hassin Alvisi, an active Tanzim operative who was involved in an attempted suicide attack inside Israel and shooting attacks against IDF forces in Tul KaremHe was active at the time in planning a suicide attack inside Israel. Alvisi was disguised as a woman when he was arrested.

– At the Kalandya checkpoint south of Ramallah, a Palestinian woman was arrested on suspicion of attempting to stab a female soldier. The Palestinian woman was questioned by security forces.

Tuesday 13.1.04

– An Israeli civilian was killed and three other civilians were injured when their car was ambushed in a shooting attack between the HaParsa Junction and the Doar Junction close to Gush Telmonim.

– An IDF soldier was slightly injured by shrapnel after shots were fired towards IDF forces at Talousa, north of Nablus. The soldier was treated at the scene.