Tabaat Ozmi Suleiman Mardawi, born in 1976 in Arabba, is a senior operative in the Islamic Jihad. He was imprisoned by Israel between 1994-8, where he joined the Islamic Jihad. After his release, he rose to the leadership of Islamic Jihad. In November 1998, he was detained by the Palestinian Preventative Security Services and “held” until his release in May 2000. With the outbreak of the current round of Palestinian violence in October 2000, Mardawi renewed his ties with Islamic Jihad operatives, working with senior Islamic Jihad operative Iyad Hardan, developing ties with weaponry dealers.

Mardawi planned or participated in the following terrorist acts:

25.5.01- A car bomb containing two suicide terrorists exploded at the Hadera central bus station, injuring 45 civilians.

11.7.01 – Jihad Jarar attempted to carry out an attack in Afula. Under interrogation, he admitted he intended to carry out a mass suicide attack in a crowded location and that he received an explosive device from Mahmoud Toulaba and Ali Zafouri, who also directed him how to blow himself up. The two dispatched Jihad in a taxi to Israel. Tabaat Mardawi introduced Jihad Jarar to Mahmoud Toulaba for terrorist purposes.

16.7.02 – A suicide bomber detonated himself at the Binyamina railway station, killing 2 Israeli civilians and injuring 8, three of them suffering serious injuries and five light injuries.

22.7.02 – Morad Toulaba, Mahmoud Toulaba’s brother, attempted to carry out a suicide attack in Haifa. After Morad was caught, he took police officers to an explosive belt he hid in an abandoned house in Haifa.

2.8.01 – Mahmoud Abu Hadar was caught attempting to enter an Egged bus near Bet Shean in order to carry out a suicide attack.

12.8.01 – A suicide assassin blew himself up in the Wall Street cafe in Kiryat Motzkin, wounding 14 civilians.

9.9.01 – A drive-by shooting at a bus carrying kindergarten teachers, near the Adam Bridge. Two civilians were killed and three others were injured, one of them seriously.

24.9.01 – A drive-by shooting at an Israeli car in which a man and a woman were travelling. The woman was killed in the attack.

7.10.01 – A suicide terrorist blew himself up at the entrance of Kibbutz Shluchot, killing an Israeli civilian.

28.10.01 – An shooting attack on passers-by in the Hadera open air market kills 4 women and injures 20 others.

5.3.02 – A suicide terrorist blew himself up on an Egged bus in Afula. One Israeli was killed and 19 others injured.

20.3.02 – A suicide attacker blew himself up on an Egged bus travelling from Tel Aviv to Nazareth, near the Musmus Jct., killing 5 civilians and injuring 28 others.