This evening in Ramallah, the IDF targeted Force 17 terrorist Mahner Sayid Monir Diriyah. Diriyah, 22, was from Akraba (Bekaot), and was a member of Force 17 in Ramallah. Diriyah became active in terrorist activity from the end of October 2000. The organization is responsible for several murderous terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens in Jerusalem, the Ramallah area and the northern West Bank. In the last period, Diriyah has been responsible for the preparation of a number of terrorist attacks.

The following are the details of the terror attacks in which Diriyah participated:
· 30.10.2000 – A shooting attack in the branch of the national insurance building in east Jerusalem. A security guard, Esh-Kodesh Gilmore, 25, from Mevoh Modi’in was killed, and another guard was wounded.
· 13.11.2000 – A shooting attack from a passing car on a bus of soldiers near the community of Ofrah. In the attack, Elad Walstein, 18 from Ashkelon and Amit Zana, 19 from Netanya were killed and other soldiers were wounded. Immediately afterwards, there was a shooting attack from a passing car near the community of Ofrah in which Sarah Lisha from Neve Tzuf was killed.

· 24/11/2000 – A shooting attack in an ambush on Tapuah Junction. In the attack, Ariel Jeffrey, 42 from Petah Tikvah was killed.
· 1/12/2000 – A shooting attack on a bus on its way to Shiloh at the French Hill junction.
· 12/12/2000 – A shooting attack on an Israeli vehicle at Bekaot junction, one person was wounded lightly in the head.
· 17/12/2000 – A shooting attack on an Israeli vehicle at Yabed junction, one person was wounded lightly in the head and hand.
· 21/12/2000 – A shooting attack on route 433 Modi’in-Jerusalem road, in which Eliyahu Cohen, 30 from Modi’in, was killed.
· 24/12/2000 – A shooting attack on an Israeli vehicle traveling on the Atarot bypass road from the direction of Givat Ze’ev.
· 31/12/2000 – A shooting attack on the Ramallah bypass road south of Ofrah. In the attack, Taliah and Ze’ev Kahane were killed.
· 27/2/2001 – A shooting attack on the Givat Ze’ev-Atarot route. In the attack, an Israeli girl was seriously wounded and two others were wounded lightly.
· March 2001 – Diriyah placed a roadside bomb adjacent to the Surda junction. The bomb was activated at an IDF patrol.
· June 2001 – Diriyah sent the cell that carried out the attack on the Ma’aleh Adumim road in which a Greek-Orthodox monk was killed.

Diriyah was a member of a Ramallah-based terrorist cell with other Force 17 members. The cell was active since September 2000 and perpetrated numerous vicious terror attacks. Diriyah personally took part in the above-mentioned incidents.

Following these incidents, Diriyah continued in his terrorist activities, reaching the status of Marwan Barghouti’s operation officer. In this capacity, he directed and initiated the following terrorist operations:
· The murder of an Israeli citizen on the Atarot-Givat Ze’ev road in January 2002.
· The dispatching of a female suicide bomber near the Maccabim checkpoint on February 27, 2002.
To this day, Diriyah continued to initiate terror attacks along with fellow Force 17 members.

Along with Diriyah, another cell member, Faouzi Hamdi Moustafa Maher, 27 from Ramallah, was killed. He and Diriyah undertook the above-mentioned incidents, including the attack on the Atarot-Givat Ze’ev road and the dispatching of a female suicide bomber at the Maccabim checkpoint. Another member of the cell was seriously wounded. Also present was another Force 17 member, Omer Kadan, who participated in numerous shooting attacks.