Technological preparations against threats to Israeli communities

Commander in the Air Defense Network speaks of the constant threats and future solutions

Date: 06/09/2011, 8:15 PM     Author: Avihai Chiim

Col. Zvi Haimovich, Commander of the Active Defense Wing of the Air Defense Network spoke of the unrelenting threats to Israeli communities, at a conference of the Institute for National Strategic Studies on Monday (September 5).

“The threat to the Israeli home front is constantly changing, and defending Israeli communities requires preparation,” Col. Haimovich said. “The Air Defense Network’s challenge is to minimize damage and injuries, and neutralize as many rockets as possible in order to defend the communities.”

Col. Haimovich mentioned that recent warfare changes make terrorist activity against civilian communities cheap and available.

“The threats are diverse and the numbers continue to grow,” he explained. “Our mission is to minimize the damage, neutralize the threats and enable IDF (Zahal) to better operate both in defense and deterrence.”

Col. Haimovich also referred to the success of the Iron Dome anti-missile system during the escalation in southern Israel last month.

“The battery successful intercepted dozens of rockets and I can guarantee we prevented significant damage to both property and human life, he said. “The Iron Dome’s operational success results from its ability to adjust to any scenario.”