The two terrorists that executed the terror attack today at Kerem Shalom, in which four IDF soldiers were killed, have been identified as Amad Hamdan Abu-Rizak, born in 1975 from Raffia, a known Hamas operate who was involved throughout the past several months in executing firing and explosive attacks against IDFforces in the Gaza Strip. The second terrorist has been identified as Mahmad A’Geni Mahmad Abu Jamus, born in 1981 from Raffia, also a known Hamas operative who belonged to the Palestinian Naval Organization in the Gaza Strip. The two terrorists were part of Hamas military foundation in the strip, under Tsalah Shahada, that executed a large number of terrorist attack throughout the year, including firings, mortar bombing, explosives and suicide bombings throughout the strip, the organization also planned attacks throughout all of Israel. The information regarding the said foundation was presented many times to Palestinian factors, who were asked to stop the operatives, headed by Tsalah Shahada, however he is still free and planning terror attacks against Israel. It is important to emphasize that this is not the first time that operatives of the Palestinian Authority befriend the Hamas, and together execute terror attacks against the state of Israel.