Terrorist organizations’ anti-tank missiles

The Kornet anti-tank missile shot at a school bus on Thursday (Apr. 7) is just one example from the advanced arsenal of weapons the Hamas terrorist organization is building in the Gaza Strip

Date: 11/04/2011, 8:43 PM     Author: Jonatan Urich

The anti-tank missile called Kornet, launched at an Israeli children’s school bus at the Sa’ad juncture on Thursday (Apr. 7), is just one piece of evidence that the Hamas terrorist organization continues its ongoing efforts to strengthen and build up an arsenal of anti-tank missiles, its ultimate goal to harm IDF (Zahal) soldiers and Israeli civilians.

Since the end of Operation Cast Lead, Hamas has placed particular emphasis on acquiring munitions against tanks and armored vehicles, a solution to these IDF (Zahal) advantages routinely operating near the security fence around the Gaza Strip. Over the past few years, terrorist organizations have equipped themselves with advanced anti-tank missile systems able to do much more serious damage, such as the Kornet missile.

According to the Intelligence and Terrorism information Center, Kornet missiles and many other advanced munitions are smuggled into the Gaza Strip with the help of Syria and Iran, both countries wanting to equip Hamas with weapons to fight Israel.

But Hamas is not the only organization to acquire such a missile. The IDF (Zahal) dealt with their perpetual use during the Second Lebanon War when terrorists of the Hezbollah organization launched them at the army.

Terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip used the Kornet missile for the first time in December of 2010, when terrorists fired one such missile at an IDF (Zahal) tank. Until last week, however, Hams avoided launching such a missile toward military or civilian targets.