Terrorists attempt to infiltrate Israel

Photo: IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson

During the weekend, terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israel to carry out a terrorist attack. IDF (Zahal) forces spotted them and opened fire.

Date: 23/05/2010, 1:24 PM    

Last Friday during a routine patrols of the Gaza Strip, two terrorists were spotted trying to break through the security fence. After a close range look, the terrorists appeared to be carrying AK-47s and combat tactical vests at which point IDF (Zahal) soldiers opened fire. The terrorist were believed to have been on their way to perform an attack on Israeli citizens or IDF (Zahal) forces.

Furthermore, IDF (Zahal) forces shot down two Palestine terrorist who infiltrated into Israeli territory close to an Israeli settlement in Gaza. On Friday (last night) while on a patrol of the Gaza Strip, an IDF (Zahal) soldier was injured by Palestinian snipers.