As part of the continuing fight against terror, IDF forces operating in Jenin demolished several houses belonging to terrorists involved in murdering Israeli citizens. Houses of the following terrorists were demolished last night (30 Oct 2002):

– Maztfa Avazi, an Islamic Jihad operative who dispatched a car bomb at the Karkur junction on 21 October 2002 in which 14 Israeli civilians were killed and approximately 30 were injured.

– Yusef Suytat, a Fatah operative and a suicide bomber who carried out the terror attack in Hadera on October 2001 in which 4 civilians were killed and 31 were injured.

– Usama Abu Al- Higa’, an Islamic Jihad operative and a suicide bomber who carried out the terror attack in the central bus station in Hadera in May 2001 in which 49 civilians were injured.

– Sa’aid Tubasi, a senior Islamic Jihad operative who was responsible for dispatching many terror attacks. He is part of the terrorist cell that, among other activities, was responsible for the car bomb at Karkur junction and the suicide attack at Megido junction.

Demolition of terrorists’ houses sends a message to suicide bombers and their terrorist accomplices that their actions have a price, which will be paid by all those who take part in terrorist activities.

The IDF will continue to use all legal means at its disposal to strike at the terrorists, their dispatchers and those who aid them.