The Alpinists

Meet the Alpinists Unit, a special reserve unit operating in severe winter conditions under the IDF (Zahal)’s Northern Command

Date: 27/02/2011, 9:04 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

1. The Alpinists unit is a special reserve unit operating under the IDF (Zahal)’s Northern Command.
2. The Alpinists are trained to fight and survive under freezing conditions, in the snow and in difficult mountainous regions.

3. Soldiers often train during the winter, especially when Mount Hermon (the highest mountain in Israel) is covered in snow and conditions are appropriate for skiing.

4. The unit is made up of reserve soldiers who served in the elite units of the IDF (Zahal).

5. The unit’s current commander is Lt. Col. S., who won the 2005 award for Ground Forces Commander for his life-long work in the unit over the years.