Tabath Mardawi who is a senior officer of Islamic Jihad in Jenin surrendered to Israeli forces on April 11. Tabath sent eleven suicide bombers to their death , and is responsible for the murder of twenty Israelis and the wounding of 150 others. Tabath, who is 25 and was born in Arabe’ near Jenin , started his terrorist activity in 1994 and has already spent four years in prison. Upon his release he began to operate in various Islamic organizations and later joined the Islamic Jihad. During his questioning Tabath admitted to being behind the planning and carrying out of the following terrorist attacks :

  1. Two attacks in Hadera – a car bomb and a shooting attack.
  2. Suicide attack at the Binyamina train station.
  3. Two shooting attacks in the Jordan valley.
  4. Attack at Kibbutz Shluchot.
  5. Attack at Kiryat Motzkin.
  6. Attack at the Afula central bus station.
  7. Suicide attack on a bus near Camp 80.
  8. Suicide attack on a bus near Musmus in the Iron valley.

Twenty Israelis were killed and 150 wounded in these attacks. Tabath used nine suicide bombers in these attacks, armed them and sent them on their mission. He also planned an additional suicide attack in Haifa which did not materialize because the perpetrator was arrested before he could commit his murderous mission. Throughout his period of operation Tabath was controlled by the Islamic Jihad command in Syria, with whom he was in touch. During his questioning Tabath recounted his involvement in the battle with IDF forces at the Jenin refugee camp: he blew up cooking gas containers thereby causing the destruction of civilian homes. Tabath’s arrest is part of the IDF operation to destroy Palestinian terrorist infrastructure.