Tonight, during a joint operation carried out by the IDF and Israeli Security Agency (ISA) in Jenin, IDF forces arrested Amjad Ahmad Abidi (head of the Islamic Jihad infrastructure of Jenin)

Abidi, born in 1968, replaced Salah Jaradat who was the head of the Islamic Jihad in Jenin and was killed during an operation carried out by Israeli Security forces in June, 2003.

Abidi, stood behind a line of several terrorist suicide attacks, and planned the following terrorist attacks in Israel:

  • The October 23, 2003, suicide bombing in the “Maxim” resturaunt in Haifa in which 21 Israeli civilians were murdered and 58 wounded. Abidi stood behind the planning of the terrorist attack and supplied the explosive belt to the female suicide bomber.
  • The July 2003, suicide attack in Moshav Yavetz where a resident of the community was murdered. Abidi, was responsible for planning the attack and dispaching terrorists.
  • The June 2003, suicide attack in the village Sadeh Trumot where a resident of the community was murdered.
  • In addition, Abidi is responsible for the planning of the double suicide attack in the Jerusalem area. Abidi dispatched the terrorist who detonated himself in the bus and was responsible for the car bomb. Abidi, also stood behind the planning of a number of suicide attacks in Haifa and dispatched terrorists.

It’s important to note that Abidi currently was planning additional terrorist attacks.