Several Palestinians, suspected in stone throwing and burning Israeli buses in Kalandia refugee camp about a month ago were arrested in the last few days following a joint investigation of the IDF, Israeli police and security forces. The suspects admitted the acts during their questioning.
The incident accrued on July 16th 2000, with the entry of four Israeli buses, by mistake, to Kalandia refugee camp, south of Rammala.
Three of the bus drivers escaped following dozens of Palestinians how started throwing stones at the vehicle. The forth driver was attacked by several Palestinians and at the end managed to escape as well. The three buses left at the scene were burnt.
Following a joint investigation, and according to intelligence information, the commuters of the acts were cough and they will be tried.
The investigation in the matter continues and soon, more arrests are expected.
The IDF and security forces are acting in determination to prevent ant terror or sabotage act, to locating the terrorists and bringing them to Justas.