“Excellence is recognized in all fields of action in the IDF. The IDF relies on its units in the air, sea and land, and its power and strength rely on the quality of its commanders. In this ceremony we mark our respect to the commanders and the soldiers.” These were the words said by the Chief of the IDF General Staff, LTG Shaul Mofaz, at the awards granting ceremony to excelling units and military writing for the year 2000, held in the presence of the IDF Generals.

The Chief of Staff Award is granted every year to regular and reserve units that achieved impressive accomplishments in all areas of operation, routine and emergency. For the first time, a new award was granted for military writing.
Seventeen units reached the final stage of the competition, and two other units received special appreciation from the Chief of the IDF General Staff.

The following units won first place in their category:

Regular Brigades – The “Golan” formation, which is the northern artillery formation.

Operational Units – The “Binyamin” Brigade.

Reserve Units – The maintenance unit of the “Mapatz” formation.

Warfare Supporting Units – The “Shimshon” ordinance unit.

Services – The Ashdod Naval base.

Instruction Units – The Naval Instruction Base.

“This is not an easy time as we are fighting in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and are operating in the North. Many missions are ahead of us as well as challenges that require perseverance. You symbolize the way and provide an example to us all,” the Chief of the IDF General Staff concluded.